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Below is a list of group courses running this year, followed by a list of other subjects that I have previously offered. All of these courses are run in my Woodland Workshop in Cheriton Bishop (about 10 miles west of Exeter), Devon. I can put on any of the courses for your own group (between 4 and 6 people) and at a time of your choosing, assuming that I am available of course!

For more details about each course, please click on the appropriate blue link to the left of the page. The course details, along with lots of photos of previous students and the facilities (showing how they have evolved since I have been at this site).

I also offer any of the courses on a one-to-one (or pairs), just suggest a date that you would like to come along. Again, click on the appropriate subject above to find more details...

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gallery and info on group knifemkaing courses
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Basic and bespoke blacksmithing courses
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Courses for 2021

​April 17th- 18th

​April 19th

​May 15th- 16th

​June 19th

​June 20th

July 17th- 18th

July 19th

​September 26th

Knife Making

Sheath making

Axe Making

1 Day Knife making

1 Day Axe  Making

Knife Making

Sheath Making


​Forge and heat treat a spring steel blade on day one, then fit and shape a wooden handle on day two. £300, or stay on for a third day and make a leather sheath to match £400  

Make a leather sheath to fit your own knife, axe, billhook or other edged tool. £150 (if not already here making your own knife!) 

Forge a small axe/adze/hawk head, then make and fit a handle of cleft ash. £300

A single day knifemaking taster. Forge and heat treat a blacksmith's style (all metal) knife from a  single piece of good spring steel. All of the work will be done Old Skool with bellows, charcoal, hammers and tongs!  £150

A single day AXE making taster. Forge and heat treat a small camp axe/hatchet head from a single piece of good spring steel.  All of the work will be done Old Skool with bellows, charcoal, hammers and tongs! You can sort out your own handle, or come back for that part of the course in a couple of weeks  £150

Forge and heat treat a spring steel blade on day one, then fit and shape a wooden handle on day two. £300, or stay on for a third day and make a leather sheath to match £400  

Make a leather sheath to fit your own knife, axe, billhook or other edged tool. £150 (if not already here making your own knife!) 

​Restore and sharpen knives,axes and pretty much anything else that is meant to cut, but currently does not. £60
Previous courses

Here are a selection of other courses that I have offered in previous years. If you are interested in me running one of these next year, then please let me know and given enough interest I may well put it on!  Alternatively, if you have a group of your own then I can run one of these especially for you :-)
Sheath Making

Pouch Making

Tool Sharpening

Further Sharpening

Axe Using

Knife Making

Axe Making

Bow Making

Arrow Making

Tool Making

Spear Making

Blacksmithing Basics

Sharpening for Books

Feast Weekend

Charcoal Making

Magical Tools

Carving Tools
Come and make a sturdy leather sheath for you knife, axe, etc.  

Come and make a sturdy leather pouch, my first keeps my camera safe! 

Learn to sharpen and care for your blunt knives, axes and other tools.  

The extra day allows us to cover a wider variety of tools as well as more involved restoration and maintenance. 

Learn to use your axe safely and efficiently in its natural environment.  

Forge and heat treat a blade, fit and shape the handle, make a leather sheath and sharpen your finished knife. 

Forge and heattreat a small axe/adze or hawk head, then make and fit an ash handle before sharpening.  

From a cleft stave of ash, you can carve and tiller a fast shooting European Flatbow, with string and arrow. 

To accompany the bowmaking, make some primitive arrows to match your bow.  

Combined 3 day knife making, axe making and sheath making courses, all offering you a cash saving!  

Forge a small spear head or two, fit and straighten a shaft and then learn to use a spear (thrown of combat!) 

Using my Ancient forges, learn the basics of forgework and make some small gift items to impress the family.  

A specialist sharpening course aimed at bookbinders and the very special tools that are used .  

Forge eating/cooking irons, carve greenwood spoons or cups, the have a feast using ancient cooking techniques!

Under the tuition of my charcoal supplier, learn how to do it full scale and in an oil drum at home.

Forge an athame or wand from iron, carve a wand or various alter pieces from local wood

Forge and heat treat a range of carving tools and sloyd knife, followed by a bit of carving practice
Terms and Conditions

Unfortunately, due to the poor conduct of a small number of people, I have to lay out some rules. Most of these should fall into the realms of common courtesy.

1) As space on some courses is limited a deposit is required for all courses except the sharpening course (in which case I ask for the whole cost to paid upfront). Deposits are priced thus: £30 for a one day course, £50 for a two day course. Deposits are required at the time of booking, with the balance to be paid at or before the start of the class. Deposits are non-refundable within two weeks of a course commencing unless the cancellation has occured at my end. 

2) Should a course need to be cancelled for any reason, a full refund (or transfer to another course if preferred) will be given. I will also give as much notice of this as possible.

3) Should a course have to be cut short (eg. the Great British weather makes it unsafe), then a proportional refund or postponement of course will be granted at the discretion of the organiser. So far this has not happened, as I try to have back up plans ;-)

4) Although everything possible has been done to ensure that these courses are safe, there are inherent dangers with activities of this nature. You will be briefed as to any particular health and safety precautions. The organiser and instructors take no responsibility for injury or loss caused. 

5) Participants under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult. Adults wishing to leave their youngsters in the care of the organiser are welcome to do so but are asked to fill out a consent form. By booking an under 16 onto a course, the parent/guardian is promising that they are mature and sensible enough to follow the tuition without disruption of the class. 

6) Conduct. 
All participants are expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable and adult manner at all times. Please respect and follow instructions given by the tutors and organisers, these instructions are given for good reasons. 

I will NOT tolerate antisocial, offensive or dangerous behaviour. Should this behaviour be observed, you will be given a single warning only. If the behaviour continues then you will be asked to leave and forfeit your fee. No excuses and No exceptions.

General Information

All of the courses are run within a 10 acre woodland in rural Devon. Group courses (with the exception of sharpening courses) are run in the Woodland Workshop, where only hand tools and archaeologically inspired equipment is used. One to one (or two person) courses are run in my Main Workshops where modern machine tools and techniques are married with traditional tools to create works of the highest standard and quality. All of the tools and materials are provided, with much of the wodd used coming from the trees around the workshops and a growing number of the tools of my own making (I can't buy better!). 

Most courses start at 9am and finish somewhere between 5pm and 6pm, depending on the subject matter and the ability of the group. Unlike many bushcraft schools, I don't charge you £300 for 4 hours of teaching and 4 hours of "own time" each day. If you come on one of my courses you will be busy the whole time and I like you to feel that you have got value for money! Refreshments are on tap all day (you will need to provide your own lunch)

At the start of each course I introduce you to the tools and materials that will be used, followed by the health and safety talk (such as "don't touch metal from the forge it WILL be hot and don't touch the edges of my tools as they WILL be sharp!). 

If you would like to know more or book onto a course, please contact me. Unless otherwise stated, the price for the courses includes liquid refreshments on tap and all materials. Due to the increasing popularity of some courses, I ask for a £50 deposit to secure places. 

Knives and axes that are currently in stock
course details
course details
Historical tools and bits
Blades, handle materials and tools for knife making
A small glimpse of my working world
A small glimpse of my working world

Due to the pandemic, I've tentatively scheduled only a few group courses this year. 

In the meantime, I shall still be running private courses for individuals and pairs in my main workshop. Anything I can do, I can teach others to do (given enough time and a certain level of innate skill of course), so please click on the link to the left or drop me an email with your enquiry :-)