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Telephone: (anytime) 0776 474 2569


I try to reply to my emails promptly, but I'm often away from my computer for several days at a time. So please bare with me I WILL get back to you! Most of my customers prefer me to spend time in the workshop rather than trawling the internet ;-)

If you would like to speak to me face to face then you can find me at a variety of shows around the country this year (please see the list of shows on the front page), or visits to my workshop can be arranged by appointment.

Keeping you informed
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As mentioned, I prefer to spend as little time in front of a computer as I can. So I'm afraid I don't have a mailing list or regular newsletter, sorry!

Instead, whenever I have something that I think you would like to know about, I will post up on my Facebook page and on Twitter. Don't worry, I won't bombard you with inane comments about what I've had for breakfast, I use You-Twit-Face-tube-book for PROPER Dave Budd Handmade Tools updates!

What am I likely to post/tweet?

Whenever I have new knives available or when I have reduced the price of something. If I am off to a show that weekend,  will let people know incase they want to come and see what I'm up to. If I have a course that needs some more bums-on-seats, I will post up a special last minute price. Or if I have been working on something special and I just have the urge to show off, then that is where you will see it first!
Mailing List and Updates
Archers' Rest is a forum and website dedicated to the wonderful sport of Field Archery.

British Blades. The UK home of knifenuts everywhere! forum based site full of useful info on knifemaking, supplies, collecting and general sharps related madness

Bronze Age Craft. Archaeologically correct reproductions of Bronze Age swords, dagger, axes, etc. Neil (the maker of these objects) often appears on the telly casting Bronze Age artifacts.

BCUK. A forum and website for bushcraft enthuiasts, obviously! There are many knowledgeable folk there that are willing to answer you bushcrafting questions.

Julie Hedges is the leading ply-splitting artist in the UK, she is also the reason for me making one of my most unusual tools, the gripfid. Ply-split braiding is a loomless weaving technique that can be used to produce belts, necklaces, vessels and even sculptures.

Knife Links Portal is an online database of knife related websites. It features custom makers from around the world as well as places to buy production knives and knife related goodies. Theo, the chap who set this site up, is a fine maker of miniature knives himself.

Leaf Trading Post is the one stop shop for all manner of ancient craft materials and archaeologically correct musical instruments.

Tim Lively is an American bladesmith who specializes in the Forged Finish, as I do. In fact, Tim was one of the founders of the 'neo-tribal' bladesmithing movement and put together the DVD 'Knifemaking Unplugged'.

Mike is a seller of quality knives but beyond that, he is the organiser of the UK's ONLY knife show! From 2008 we have a new home in Bristol, make sure you are there too!

Wilderness Gathering. This is one of the Premier Bushcraft gatherings of the year and I will be demonstrating at it! All manner of bushcraft/prim-tech demonstrations, classes and equipment to be found there. Held at the Bison Farm, West Knowle, Wilts. 20th-23rd August 2009

Wood & Rush is a small but very well stocked craft shop in Chagford in Devon. Including basketry, rushwork, leatherwork, turned wood, some of my forged goods (including my knives!) and a great selction of aromatherapy oils. The owners are well known wood turner (Pete Montanez) and basketmaker (Linda Lemieux).

Here are a few other websites that you may find interesting.

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Useful Links
A new online directory of blacksmiths around the UK. So if it is a type of metalwork that i don't do, then I'm sure somebody on here will!
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