Come and see me and my wares in the flesh in 2014

March 1st-2nd 
Dumnonni Chronicles (LRP)

March 14th-16th
TORM (living history fair)

April 18th-20th
Cornwall RV (bushcraft meet)

May 3rd-5th
Dumnonni Chronicles (LRP)

May 4th-6th
River Cottage (food fair)

June 21st-22nd
Westswood (wodfair Sussex)

June 29th
Knives UK (knife show)

July 5th-6th
Padstow steam rally

July 24th-27th
Corfe Castle

August 8th-11th (ish)
BCUK Bushmoot

August 15th-17th
Wilderness Gathering

August 24th-25th
Stock Gaylard TBC 

September 27th-28th
Dumnonni Chronicles (LRP)

October 25th-26th
Dumnonni Chronicles (LRP)

November 14th-16th ish

Welcome to my website!  Here you will find a sample of the things that I make and the courses which I run. I make an ever increasing range of tools for the collector and craftsman alike, all from my Woodland Workshop in rural Devon.

All of the tools and knives that I sell  are made entirely by me using a mixture of modern and traditional techniques.  I only use virgin tool steel of known grades for the steel parts of my tools and the woods I use in the handles are almost entirely grown in the Southwest (much of it in my own woodland!). 

My courses cover a wide range of subjects including knife making, bow making, greenwood work, leatherwork and various specialist archaeologically orientated subjects. I can teach one-to-one tool/knife making in my workshop or groups of up to 6 using my Ancient Forges school in the woods

Everything happens within a 10 acre woodland in the heart of Devon. My main workshop is off the National Grid and is totally powered using renewable energy. My primary power source is the sun, via a relatively small array of PV panels and a bank of batteries. I have a Lister generator as a back-up for those times when the sun doesn’t shine, this can be run on bio-diesel or vegetable oil. 

If you have a design for a knife, no matter how vague, please get in touch with me because I am sure that between us we can create something both beautiful and functional. Likewise if you are interested in a course not listed, please just ask.

N.B. I'm in the process of overhauling the website. As I recreate a page it is being replaced in this format. Any links will take you to the old style of page if it's not been messed about with yet. Don't worry, nothing I make or offer will be lost and hopefully there shouldn't be any broken links this way either! If you spot a problem, then please let me know (technology and I don't often see eye to eye, but I will win in the end!)

This page was last updated on: June 2, 2014
shiny things
10 Years
 of Fine Handmade Tools! 

At the end of 2003 I quit the world of employment and started making Tools and Knives Full Time!
Due to the relentless rain over the last 9 months, I am working through a backlog of work. This means that unless I physically have an item in stock, orders are going to take at least 6 months to process.

Sorry  for any inconvenience!