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Axes, Adze & Saws

One day I will get around to making a few set patterns of axe, but until then here are some examples of previous choppers giving an idea of the sizes and styles that I can offer. General purpose hatchets and carving axes that I do have in stock can be found over on the ‘Available’ page, but other specialist tools such as T-axes, side axes, T-adze and any other historical style can be made to order. I am happy to supply just the heads if you would like to fit your own handles and I usually have some in stock. Depending on the style, axes/adze are made from EN9 spring steel lumps, or laminated with cutting edges of a better steel set into mild steel bodies.
I try to keep a stock of bowl carving adze as shown below. Both finished with handles and heads on their own.  These are currently being made from 80CrV2 tool steel, which holds a better edge than EN9 (which is what most other smiths use for these).
The saws you see here are all made for the living history market but do still work well in their own right. The blades (all made in house from heat treated spring steel) are sharpened and set to work as well as I need for my own uses, but I’m not a saw doctor and they shouldn’t be expected to perform like a high end saw made by a specialist (but if you know how to tension a blade and tweak it better than I, then these are a good starting point). Unlike others selling historical frame saws, I do not use modern bowsaw, bandsaw or hacksaw blades that stand out like a saw thumb. If I do opt for a modern commercial blade rather than making it myself, then I find a closer historical match of tooth pattern and remove any evidence of modern induction hardening.

As with all of my other tools, the handles are made in house from trees felled, milled and seasoned from the trees surrounding the workshop.

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