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As various traditional or ‘lost’ crafts rise in popularity, so does the need for specialist tools. My range is only limited by what I am asked for. Naturally the most common tools needed for more mainstream crafts such as leatherwork, spoon carving and basketry are catered for, but because I especially enjoy working with historical craftspeople (whose chosen crafts haven’t been common for hundreds of years), some of the tools are rather more unusual!

The tools shown here are just those that I make on a regular basis and try to keep in stock. Some are made to set patterns, while others will be individuals that vary in size or shape (these have prices listed as a range); in which case please drop me an email and I can dig through my stock to find the one that best fits your needs or make one to order. Over the years I have made lots of experimental and curious tools for people, so please feel free to run your ideas past me.

The materials used are chosen to be the most suitable for the given job. Steels will vary according to the priority of properties such as toughness (billhooks, sickles, etc), edge retention/sharpness (leather working knives, carving tools, etc), method of manufacture, etc. Likewise the species of wood used in the handles is chosen based on toughness, hardness, weight, closeness of grain or purely for it’s aesthetic properties. All wood is felled and processed in house from the trees surrounding my workshop. If you wish to fit your own handles, then I am happy to supply just the metal parts (ground to an edge but not honed). Not only does this make for a more personal tool, it reduces the cost to you!

Many tools are used by multiple crafts, so please have a look through related crafts and see is the tool you are looking for is hiding there.

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