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Available Blades

Mono Steel Blades

All of my blades are forged from high carbon spring and tool steels, heat treated and sharpened ready for you to fit handles to. Each blade is unique, so the pictures you see are the actual blades that I have available, they are not standard patterns! ​

Full tang blades all have tapered tangs (the ground shiny area shows where the tapering ends) and the stick tangs are rectangular in section (except where the blades are ground and polished, they have the same profile as the blade).​​

When ordering a blade, please quote the number written on the tang.

Laminated Blades

​These have a good high carbon steel edge, whilst the body is made from a softer material. This can be an edge that is butt welded to a body of wrought iron (just like the multi-bar pattern welded blades below), or it can be a 3 layer sandwich of soft stuff either side of a good steel core. The latter technique is often referred to these days by it's Japanese name 'San Mai', though the technique has been ubiquitous to the whole world since the Iron Age.​
Mostly my laminates have bodies or cladding of wrought iron for a bit of interest and visual texture and is ideal for historical knives. Sometimes I will use mild steel or pure iron for the cladding, but it’s a bit dull by comparison. This soft surface can be carved, engraved, inlayed and overlaid by you for extra bling!​
When ordering a blade, please quote the number written on the tang.

Pattern Welded Blades

Pattern welded or Damascus blades are made by taking two or more different steels and laminating them together using the correct amount of pressure and heat (I get it ruddy hot and hit it hard!). It doesn't make them any stronger or function better, but it does make them pretty :-)​
The steels used are all good knife steels in their own right, but are chosen primarily for their good contrast. The patterns being created by the twisting, folding and mechanical manipulation under the hammer. Most of larger or more complex blades here are made from several bars of different patterns, with separate edges of good steel added to ensure that they perform to their best.
When ordering a blade, please quote the number written on the tang.